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High-strength 10.9~17.9 bolts

Bolts used for parts related to the basic performance of the car(Size:M6~M24)

Complex cold forged products

Cold forged products with near net shaping

High strength bolts for engine

High strength bolts (strength: ~ 17.9) considering delayed fracture, fatigue fracture and tightening

High strength aluminum alloy cold forged products

Cold forged products using high strength aluminum alloy

Spherical head bolts

Spherical bearing surface bolts considering seat space

M Sonic(ultrasonic axial force bolts)

Ultrasonic axial force bolts eliminating abrasion on both end surfaces
Initial ultrasonic data and lot number can also be engraved.

Low cost friction coefficient stabilizer Torquer bolt

Highly corrosion resistant surface treatment bolts with extremely reduced variation in friction coefficient Promote development of surface treatment technology through collaboration with surface treatment company MC SYSTEMS

Bite prevention e-guide series.

Bolts that prevent burn-in during installation.